Forty years in the gutter business, and EasyOn is the only gutter guard this contractor trusts.

Greg Buckland knows gutters. You might say they’re in his blood. The Buckland family has been in the business of cleaning, installing, repairing, and protecting gutters since their wooden origins in the 1920s. When we set out to find an expert opinion on the best gutter guards available, Greg was the obvious contractor to start with.
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What Brought Greg to EasyOn

Greg didn’t start guarding gutters with EasyOn. For years, he tried lower-quality alternatives at various price points. Using his home and his local church as testing grounds, Greg sampled a variety of  gutter guards he thought might be able to perform as advertised.
The foam product never lasted—in less than a year, it had filled with granules, and the gutters clogged as if they weren’t there.
Then the hooded option failed, too. The needles from the abundant fir trees in Greg’s home state of Oregon always found their way under the hood and into the gutter, and—worse—it turned out to be a favorite place for bees to call home. Greg’s area of Oregon is heavily forested, and fir needles had always been the biggest obstacle to clear, free-flowing gutters. A high-quality gutter guard that could keep out everything, including fir needles, was essential, but nothing was working. 

I’d yet to find a gutter guard that didn’t plug up.

Giving EasyOn the Ultimate Test

Like the gutter guards he’d tried before, Greg bought a sample of EasyOn to test out on his own home. He was understandably skeptical: The price was affordable and install was a breeze. How could something so easy do the job when everything before it had failed?

Greg gave it a year, as he’d done with the others. But this time, when he checked the gutters guarded by EasyOn, he found them empty. No granules, no fir needles, no bees! Just to be certain it wasn’t a fluke, Greg took EasyOn to his church, a building surrounded by fir trees. Would EasyOn be up to the task?

Another year went by, and again, EasyOn performed as promised. Not a single fir needle had made it through—the gutters at Greg’s church remained free and clear.

But, again, he had to be really certain. Like, really certain if he was going to recommend this product to friends and clients. So he performed a third test on his cabin nestled in a dense wooded area. And got the same results. More fir trees—still no clogs. Now, finally, he had a product he felt confident recommending to friends, neighbors, and—most importantly—his clients. 

The Easy Way to Improve Client Satisfaction

Greg’s been helping customers with their gutters for a long time. In his experience, he’s found that if you can’t give clients the answer they want right in that moment, they’re going to shop around until they find it.

In the past, when the answer his clients wanted was a reputable gutter guard, Greg couldn’t deliver. He hadn’t found one that really worked, and he refused to recommend something he knew to be substandard.

When customers would look elsewhere, they’d find themselves with gutter guards that sometimes cost thousands of dollars to have installed, and they’d still fail to live up to their promises. Inevitably, they’d come back to Greg, who could only offer to remove the flawed product and install the one he trusts: EasyOn.

With EasyOn, I was able to find something that actually worked and had a great warranty. So I felt comfortable with that, and customers were happy because it was in a good price point for them.

When a potential client reached out for help one day, Greg was able to compare the performance of EasyOn against one of those much more expensive competitors whose product also featured a micromesh screen. The client had a well-known competitor install gutter guards on the brand new gutters of her home, which was heavily shaded by fir trees.

The client called Greg to enlist his services in replacing the gutters and gutter guards because they had all clogged. She assumed the gutters were what failed. When Greg arrived to inspect the area, he was able to report that the gutters were perfectly fine—it was the guards that had not performed as promised.

The reason? Those pesky fir needles had found their way between the gutter guard and the lip of the gutter. Even though the micromesh was doing its job, the gutter guard wasn’t secure enough on the gutter to keep the needles from slipping through the sides. 

With EasyOn, Greg never had that problem. EasyOn comes equipped with self-tapping screws and powerful 3M tape, giving customers the freedom to choose which install method they prefer. Greg, however, uses both. He’s found that the tape affixes the gutter guard completely to the lip of the gutter, while the screws offer added security. With this pro hack, Greg’s managed to eliminate any possibility of fir needles finding their way into gutters. Even when he arrived at a client’s home to perform annual roof maintenance, finding pine needles and debris piled inches atop the gutter guards, the gutters flowed freely—not a needle or plug in sight.

I recommend EasyOn Gutter Guards....It’s one of the best products I’ve ever tried.

Greg’s Favorite Things about EasyOn Gutter Guard ®

•It’s the most effective gutter guard he’s found, easy to install, and available at an affordable price.

•It comes with an excellent 25-year warranty.

•EasyOn customers get The Gutter Guard Brush for free when they register their warranty. The brush attaches to an extension rod, making it a breeze to clear away debris that collects on top of the gutter guard without having to climb a ladder.

•It’s discreet. EasyOn’s low profile once installed won’t disrupt or distract from the look of your home.

Get EasyOn Gutter Guard® on your home!