The Gutter Guard You Never Knew You Always Wanted

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There are home improvement products you want and there are ones you need. We’ve got one that happens to be both. It’s time to up your home protection game with an unexpected and easy DIY solution.

Costco is now selling the best gutter guard on the market: EasyOn Gutter Guard. Not only is this product as easy to install as the name suggests, it also stands the test of time. Stainless steel doesn’t rust and 3M tape (plus self-tapping screws!) doesn’t budge, y’all. 

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What even is a gutter guard? Glad you asked. It’s basically a protective screen that you fix on top of your gutters to keep out all kinds of gunk (leaves and pine cones and nests and pests, oh my!). And no gutter guard does this better than EasyOn.

Bonus points: It looks sleek as heck on your home — no ostentatious colors or protrusions sticking up from your gutters. It’s super affordable — who doesn’t love a great deal? It comes with a killer warranty — 25 years! 

We’re practically in our car already heading for Costco to stock up. Better hurry to your local warehouse or order it online before some other lucky homeowners (like the 80,000+ who’ve left reviews) buy it all up!

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